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Using Story Seeds

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Your Account

In order to use Story Seeds, you will first need to set up an account. This account will be tied to all ideas and tidbits that you create using Story Seeds.

Create Your Account

Enter an email address to create your account. To create an account, you will need to provide an email address and set up a password. You'll also fill in a preferred name, which will be used on the site.

You can use your account immediately after account creation.

Manage Your account

Account management allows you to change any of your personal information: email address, preferred name, and password.

You can also change the following dashboard defaults:

The account management page also offers the option to export your ideas and tidbits into a CSV file. A CSV file may be generated once every 24-hours.

Forgotten Password

If you forget your Story Seeds password, you can generate a temporary one sent to the email address on your account.


Story Seeds is built to help store, manage, and view your ideas to help you keep track of what you want to write with minimal fuss. Ideas can be marked as written, with minimal details to keep track of what stories used which ideas.

Create an Idea

when you create an idea, you can track the following information:

When you click "Create Idea," Story Seeds goes to the view idea page by default.

View an Idea

All the details filled in on the Create Idea page are visible on the View Idea page. Yu will also have the option to edit your idea or delete it.

Edit an Idea

When you edit an idea, you have the same options as when you create an idea, with on additional option: "I Wrote This!" Clicking this toggle allows you to add the following information to your idea:

When an idea is marked as written, it is not displayed on your idea dashboard. Written ideas can be seen if you go to the "View Written Ideas" page.

Your Idea Dashboard

The idea dashboard is the default page when you log in to Story Seeds. This shows ideas that are not marked as written, with limited information:

Clicking an idea headline will take you to the view idea page to view all the information for that idea. Clicking a tag or genre allows you to view all ideas with that tag/genre.

Ideas on the dashboard can be sorted in alphabetical order (A > Z), by date (either created or edited), or by passion (5 > 1). You can also filter your ideas by any of the types, with all ideas marked "Other" being filtered together.

Written Ideas

The written ideas dashboard is identical to the idea dashboard, with the exception that it only shows ideas that have been marked as written and includes the written details if they're filled in for that idea.


A tidbit is a simple thing: a one-line note that can be about a character, a setting, a story line, etc. Tidbits, like ideas, show up on their own dashboard. These tidbits don't have a view page, and don't include a details option like a full idea.

Create a Tidbit

When creating a tidbit, you have four options:

Edit a Tidbit

The tidbit dashboard page has links that allow you to edit or delete a tidbit. When you edit a tidbit, you can change any of the four characteristics of a tidbit.